Earth day

There is less time in cars wich makes lower air pollution. Now one is flying planes less air pollution. Less trash is being jenarated. Less plastic is being you'sed.less people is better for the invirment it is sad but tru.less power in the city being you'sed. Spending less on stuff we don't need. Less trash in parks because they are all closed wich is good for animals.

Chapter Six Fishing and Cigarettes

When they talk about fishing and cigarettes in chapter six, they are talking in code.  They talk in code because they don't want the Nazis to know they are trying to transport a Jew to Sweden. When they talk about the weather being good for fishing they are asking if it is safe to bring a Jew to Sweden. When Papa says he will send a carton of cigarettes to him, he is talking about Ellen.  Ellen is the carton of cigarettes. When he says there are a lot of cigarettes available in Copenhagen he means there are a lot of Jews still to save in Copenhagen. 

Number the Stars Chapter Five

At the start of Chapter 5 Ellen was nervous and scared. She was worried that the Nazis were coming and would take her away. In the first sentence of the chapter she speaks to Annemarie and asks nervously if she really thinks the Nazis will come. I think it shows that Ellen is scared. In the end of the chapter Ellen also shows that she is scared by rushing to try to get her necklace. She was so scared she couldn’t unhook it so annemarie had to yank it off. Both of these examples show that Ellen is scared in chapter five.


The Resistance is a secret team of people that tried to stop the Nazis however they could. The Resistance dropped bombs on the Nazi buildings that were trying to make guns and ammunition. They bombed railroads and damaged Nazi trucks. They sabotaged buildings. They did anything they could to stop the Nazis from harming the Jews and the people of Denmark. Sometimes they were caught and killed. 

My thoughts on chapter one and the resistance

Chapter one takes place in the city of Copenhagen. The three girls are running down the street to the corner. They are on their way home from school. There are German soldiers on the corner who stop them to ask questions. The story from there goes to their apartment building, where they talk to the mothers. They all live in the same apartment building. 

The Resistance is a secret team who try to take out the Nazis. They sneak around and drop bombs on Nazi buildings where they make weapons and try to stop them from accomplishing their mission. If they get caught doing this, they could be killed.