Movie review


Here is a quick rundown: Lance Sterling is the best spy in the world.The bad guy try's to steal the the ASSIAN 7.Lance is turned into a pigeon and sneaks around the bad guy. His sidekick is really good at science. He made the pigeon potion.


at the end Lance's sidekick finds a better way to stop the bad guy. He uses the gagets his mom told him would save the world.  


That's all I have thanks guys

Letter to Ellen

Dear Ellen,


the war has ended!!!! I hope that you had a fun time in Sweden but come home soon. Your dad dropped a basket that had a cool gadget kind of thingy that had the smell of rabbit blood and had something that took the dogs smell away. I heard that your mom got seasick in uncle Henrik's boat. The Germans stopped me and I pretended like I was Kirsti and I got buy the Germans were very mean they yelled at me and took things from my basket and fed them to their dogs. Mama broke her ankle but the doctor took care of it. I've missed playing with my dolls with you. Papa just told me that Lise was in the resistance! She was trying to run away from a blown up meeting and the Nazis rammed into her. Peter was shot that night and the Nazis were looking for him. On the day the war ended the danish flag was raised and the National anthem was played all day and we waved Denmarks flag and sung the anthem. Right now I am wearing your star of David necklace untill you get back from Sweden.


Your Friend,



Annemarie's journey

today Annemarie went to deliver something to uncle Henrik. 


These were the events: so mama trips and falls then crawls home. But last night Mrs. Rosen fell and forgot a package. So mama asked Annemarie to bring it to uncle Henrik. She starts walking down the path and as she went she thought about how she told Kirsti little red riding hood and how she always interrupted the story to simple make it last longer. Then she heard some rustling in the bushes then she thought about how she telles  her sister about the wolf. Then the Nazis come and ask her alot of questions. She was really scared. Then the Nazis took the stuff out of the basket. They fed the bred to the dogs and the other food they left alone. Then she went to uncle Henrik's boat and gave him the package

Picture story

Dear James,


i saw this picture of a phsyco with a sharp knife and was making it even sharper then she had a paper that said kill james Kilmartin. These were the events: she finds your address, she drives there and she tries to kill you with a knife or a Vlocaraptor. Then she plans to kill you tonight. Sleep tight! 


PS: keep a m-16 rifle by your bed. And she became a phsyco because she was very poor and needed food so she tried to kill you. She killed alot of people. Her name is barbra





Letter to papa

dear papa,


the german soilders came to uncle Henrik's house last night. Here are the events:mama had lied about the death of aunt Bertie, then the german soilders came. They talked in german for a few sentences then mama said there has been a death.and then mama talked about how our family always sits by the casket before he or she is buried.then mama was shoved out of the way.then the german soilder asked me who had died, i was really scared. Then i said in a convincing voice:" great aunt Bertie." Then the german soilders did a bit of small talking. Then the asked to open it, then mama said that the doctor said not to open it because aunt Bertie died of typhus. Then the german soilders hit mama!!!!!!! Then left.


best of luck 



Nts chapter nine

dear smitty,


this is what happened at the scene with the casket: so the mama with the baby arrived, and then the old man arrived. Then they talked about how Kirsti went to bed because the meeting was "private", then mama went to cook. Then Annemarie remembers when Lise died and how every night their friends brought food over. And they weren't talking about the better times with great aunt Birte because there wasn't an aunt Birte. Then they said silent prayers for the aunt.

Ellen found her parents at the end of the chapter, Peter brought them and Uncle Henrik was about to bring them out on his boat.





My orb

Dear smitty,


my orb right now is THE LAST MUSKETEER: TRAITORS CHASE. It is very good, and Stuart Gibbs wrote it. My favorite part is when they get in battles like when they entered the Arles Arena. So they walked in and then there was a lot of arrows flying, a few hit Aramis in the shoulder and one hit Athos in the thigh. And Greg climbed the wall and got in a sword fight with one of the Spainirds. He used the bad guys strength against him and then beat him. Then he finished him and went on and saved his friends!





Earth day

  1. The world is not as polluted 
  2. Big cities like LA Are not as trashed from fumes from China 
  3. we get to spend more time our family 
  4. nobody is driving so there is no pollution 
  5. people are not throwing away trash
  6. if we can't do anything we can go for runs and etc.
  7. insted of people driving cars people run or walk
  8.  People's factories can not work so no pollution
  9. people's lawn company's are not able to work so you can cut the lawn by your self
  10. you dont have to turn on the heat so that won't pollute the air