Good things about social distancing.

A lot less people are on planes, in cars, or on boats. So the air quality is getting much better.

It makes people appreciate outside spaces more, so hopefully they will take better care of them.

There are no outdoor events so there is less trash on the ground.

There are no big outings like a sports game so there is a lot less of trash generated into landfills.

I get to spend a lot more time with my family.

My dad has been home for the longest period of time ever.

You can find that you like to do things that you never had the chance to do when there was no social distancing.

You don’t have to go to the movie theaters to see a newly released movie.

The weird way to talk.

On page 53, in chapter 6 of number the stars, papa is on a phone call with mama’s brother Hendrik. While papa is talking to Hendrik, papa asks, “Is the weather good for fishing?” A few seconds later he says, “There are a lot of cigarettes available in Copenhagen.” 
    What I think happened is, that papa, mama, and Hendrik had been organizing this day for a little while. Or at least before the day it happened. I think that, “Is it good weather for fishing?” Is just something to make sure Hendrik knows what is happening, and so nobody gets suspicious. And, I think,”There are a lot of cigarettes in Copenhagen nowadays.” is a code for, we are bringing Ellen, the one who is Jewish. Or something like that so Hendrik knows that this is the day that they have been planning for.

How Ellen feels

In chapter 5 the Johansen's apartment is searched by Nazi soldiers. 
    While the apartment is being searched I think Ellen is feeling very nervous and scared. One reason I think Ellen is nervous is because, when papa Annemarie and Ellen are talking in the living room, Ellen kept asking, “Do you think they will come?” so, I am guessing that she is feeling really nervous. 
       Next, one reason I think Ellen was scared was because, when the Nazi soldiers  asked what her name was, she answered a bit skittish, and responded like, “I am Lise” then she swallowed and said, “Lise Johansson.” When I imagine it happening in my mind I see Ellen saying it like this, “I am Lise” and then she breathes like when you breath when you are crying, like uhh uh uh uh, instead of just uhhh. That is why I think Ellen was scared.

Fun things I do during isolation

  • Making a insane, 2k20 mycareer player with my brother
  • Playing rummy with horrible, music in the back round
  • Going crazy when I get a question right in Smart A**
  • Working on my baseball swing to get ready for the season
  • Getting the fluffiest hedge hog in the world
  • Shooting hoops, on my wacky hoop that falls over every time there is a storm
  • Watching Schitts Creek with my family by the fire
  • Going on a long beach walk with my family, climbing the huge brown rocks

Number The Stars

In chapter one of Number The Stars, while Annemarie, Kristi, and Ellen were running home from school, that chapter one takes place in a neighborhood in Copenhagen. We also learned that chapter one takes place in a time where the Nazi soldiers were on every corner of street, and there was a lot of rationing to the Nazis. 

      The resistance fighters were, Danish people, who were very secret, who were determined to bring harm to the Nazis in any way.