The Heavens Above



Outside in the open grassy green field

There was a large ancient great red oak tree

A bird with the striped colors of Garfield

The bird lived it’s lengthy life and was free


The bird flew in the bright blue open sky

When it flew above the fluffy white clouds

The tall ugly kids heard crying near bye 

They screamed madly because the sound was loud


But what they didn’t know was that that sound

Was from a depressed kid who lost a bird

That was ultimately bound to be crowned

As the king of their amazing rare herd


Unfortunately the birds life had died

And it was sent then to the sky to lie

A Quite Walk

An Escape or Burden


    I walk along the fence lining the dusty green field which enclosed the horses. A short walk from my house was a place almost untouched by the grips of technology. The crab apple tree was the only tree in the somewhat barren field. Unlike the field the thin coats of hair on the horses were colored with vibrant whites, and shadowed brown’s and darks. My forearms laid against the fence as I watched the horses trot and live. The horses make living so simple; they eat, they walk,  they sleep. I wish I could live like that, but my mind won’t let me. Simplicity is not a gift, but a burden for me; and I will do anything to relieve that burden. As I rest and watch the horses my mind races, the horses start neighing like they almost sense my restlessness. However it is only the mechanic machine tumbling down the road. The horses don’t need a path like the machine, they only need to roam free in the field. However the freeness does have an end, and that end is a old wooden fence enclosing them. No freeness is forever, so I must enjoy the very little that I get.

Clothes and Shelter

Andy Barton

Literary Reflection

Mr. Fitzsimmons Class


Debating my Life


“In the long run men hit only what they aim at. Therefore, though they should fail immediately, they had better aim at something high.”- Henry David Thoreau

    He is arguing my life, but should I defend? In english class, we are reading Walden by Henry David Thoreau; more specifically the lengthy chapter “Economy” in which Thoreau argues against the life of the rich man. In my life of luxury and privilege, my way of life hasn’t been challenged. Now, with three months left in my ninth grade year a man who has been dead for a hundred somewhat years, is challenging everything I have ever known; and the problem is that I think he’s right.

    In the chapter “Economy” in Walden, Thoreau argues for a life of simplicity. Thoreau first talks about what men actually need, necessities. Thoreau believes that the only necessities that we need in our life are, “Food, Shelter, Clothing, and Fuel.”(“Economy” in Walden) As technology has advanced, what humans need to survive hasn’t. The juices from meat, the warmth from clothes, and the protection from shelter are the necessities in which all, including I, need. Thoreau then delves deeper into the necessities of clothes and shelter. Do we really need all the fancy clothes and the big houses? No. But these are things you’re judged in; if you do not have nice clothes, then your not a good man, if you don’t have a big house you haven’t have a successful life. It is natural for someone to be judged by their looks, but how someone dresses does not reflect their character. Thoreau states there are those who obsess over their image, believing that is what defines them:

The childish and savage taste of men and women for new patterns keeps how many shaking and squinting through kaleidoscopes that they may discover the particular figure which this generation requires today.”(“Economy” in Walden)

Character is defined by action, by how you carry yourself; not by the price tag on your shirt, the amount of dirt on your shoes, or the size of your house. The Penobscot Indians in Thoreau’s town lived in tents, so Thoreau asks why people live in bigger house. I believe that people in bigger houses as an reward/prize to themselves. We all have things to work for. In school it is honors or high honors, in hockey it is for that championship, in music it is for that performance. Most people work a job that don’t love everyday, and for what. For a better life, a bigger house. People want to be recognized for there success, but in real life there aren’t these awards every year where you walk up on stage in front people and shake Mr. Boonisar’s hand as he hands you your reward. So in replace of that award, people buy big houses, nice cars, and nice clothes. In a world of 7 billion people it is hard to be noticed, I guess people think that with nice clothes and a big house that will be easier. 

    Thoreau asks why have a big house, why have nice clothes? The other side of that argument is why not. This is what I found myself thinking while reading and writing. But that’s just my subconscious coming into defense. Then I thought about it. If you had the choice to pick to live in a smaller house or bigger house most people would chose to live in a bigger house. By no means is it necessary to live in a big house or to have nice clothes, but many things in life are necessary. It isn’t necessary to play Hockey, piano, video games; but these are all things I enjoy. Some people enjoy living in a big house and having nice clothes, some others enjoy living in a wooden cabin with nothing but a fire place. I personally see why people like both. 

    Thoreau argues that your clothes and shelter shouldn’t define who you are, yet he argues that people who enjoy fancy clothes and a big house are wrong; I disagree. Clothes and your house don’t define you. A man living in a cabin may be wiser than a man living in a mansion, or the man living in a mansion may be wiser than the man living in a cabin; either way if both enjoy the way they are living I say it doesn’t matter.

Haiku Portfolio

A Year Round Beauty



Yellow orange brown

It sways in the windy blue sky

Hanging by a thread


In the painted grass

Lays the fallen soldier

Pig skin by his side


It dances and sings

With it’s mighty force knocking

painted leafs to the ground


Naked she stands

Her arms stretched far out

And leaves near her feet







He falls in the night sky 

Surrounded by his many comrades

For all of them are different


The paleness spreads

For it’s bleakness is depressing

And it’s never ending


The needles stab my skin

My teeth grit in pain as I shake

Then I go back inside


His boots shape the earth

Yet it is reversed in a matter of minutes

It is called winter





Drip drop drip drop

The young sun is hidden away

But the young buds grow


It is but not

It is cold but also hot

This is spring


Bleakness to brightness

Bland is transformed into a vibrant

Nature comes out to play


The cries of the warriors

The clash of the metal welded swords

And that small white ball





Almost nearly there

So close yet also so far

That wonderful summer


He who sleeps long

Who has little to care for

Will live for summer


It’s feeling is ephemeral

Because before you know it

It is quickly over


Why this hiatus is nice

From our fast paced lives

I will miss it





Without Entertainment What is Life


“We aren’t in an information age, we are in an entertainment age.”

-Tony Robbins

    Man in the most primal of situations, is a man who needs only necessities. As technology has advanced, what humans need to survive hasn’t. The juices from meat, the warmth from clothes, and the protection from shelter are the necessities in which all, including I, need. Yet one necessity out-ways those listed before: that is entertainment. In a lengthy all school meeting with my belly full, with my body  clothed, and with the towering stature of Ward Hall protecting me; I would still not be safe by the poisoned spears of boredom. The spears pierce my stomach, rip my clothes, and brings the walls of Ward Hall crumbling down. For I would be unable to think, unable reason. Even with food, clothes, and shelter, sheer boredom can bring a mans life to an end for he will be driven mad. With constant entertainment at the click of a button, I could not fathom what would happen if entertainment was taken from me. Food would become meaningless, clothes wouldn’t be able to warm the coldness of boredom, and shelter would become a jail cell. Sleep would become my haven, until I would fall into an endless sleep just to rid myself of boredom. However I do not see the abundance of entertainment running low, so for now I will rest easy.

Crows and Swallows

What Is A Poem To Me


The first poem I read was A Text Is But A Paltry Thing. The reason this poem cuaght my eye was because it was a similar to a line in my wwfenn piece. This poem “worked for me” because it was relatable and easy to understand. In poems sometimes simplicity can work, and can even be beautiful. The second poem I read was  I Wish Life Was As Simple. This worked for me cause I like simple. Poems that are simple are poems that work for me. The comparision of life to an old lawnmower is a simple one that most can relate to and understand. The third poem I read was I Have Been Here Before. The reason this worked for me was because it was relatable. I have been in the situation you describe many times this year. I find that poems that are relatable work better for me.