Thank you mom for everything you do

From cooking to taking care of us

You helped me when I was small and now I grew

having you around is a major plus

At Disney, we get up early to ride rides

It is one of my favorite things to do

It’s dark but then we see the sunrise

It’s special for me and I hope it is for you

I know sometimes I get annoyed with you

And that I may be rude or mean

If I have problems you help me get through

and you help me see things on a wider screen

So Thank you mom for all you have done

This poem is from Conor, your favorite son

Power of Place 2

In life, there are always very special places. Fenn has always been a very special place for me. More specifically, the new gym. From grades 4-9 I would spend all my mornings here, and would also play basketball, kickball and dodgeball in here. It was, and will always be a big part of my fenn career. One specific moment was playing in n out dodgeball. In n out is every man for themselves dodgeball, where the last man standing wins. Whenever I played we would make alliances with each other. It was in 7th grade and I was playing with all of my friends. We made a giant alliance so we could get other people out. We would stand in one corner with a lot of dodgeballs and countdown to an ambush where we would attack another group of kids. I’m not the best thrower but I can catch and dodge pretty well and use this to my advantage. This game has been one of my favorite things to do, as we all run around and have a really good time. Earlier this year, we played with middle school wrestling during senior time. We relived a lot of really good memories playing with each other such as building an alliance and destroying others. We also crumbled our alliance and attacked each other. Playing in n out is always fun, playing in n out gave me good teamwork skills, and playing in n out taught me that sometimes you’ll get knocked down but you’ll always get back up again.  Whenever I was in the gym I always learned good lessons and skills for a successful life


Minuteman Bikeway


I’m not typically one for walks so I went for a bike ride alone through nature on my towns bike path. I usually put my earbuds in and listen to music, but today I decided against that to be one with nature. I noticed many things on the bike path. For one it is very green and lush with plants and trees. There was also many other people walking and biking and taking in the scenery. I realized that I often take this area for granted as just a pathway to get to town center or my friends house, but it’s much more than that. It’s a place to take the earbuds out and enjoy our beautiful world that is all around us.  Although my bike ride was brief, the impact it had was long lasting, in that our wonderful world wouldn’t always be there and that nature isn’t to be taken for granted.

Seasonal Haikus




The crack of the bat

The flowers growing tall

Spring has begun


As the days grow longer

Math problems grows shorter

Life is more enjoyable 


The sun sets later

Morning starts earlier

More time to play outside


Grass feels softer

Still it’s moist and wet

From the fresh blood on the ground




Snow falling softly down

A soft marshmallow blanket

Covering the barren ground



Climbing up the hill

With my wooden toboggan

Staring down the frozen slide


Shoveling the snow

Cold wind slides through my coat

Dreaming of a warm cup of coco


Snow storming on the ground 

Waiting for the call

Of a fantastic fenn snow day



Sitting on a sunny day

Blue waves crashing down

On the smooth golden sand


Tied 3-3 on blue sky day

Nothing in the sky except my ball

Flying over the fence for a home run


Hiking up the trail

Feet burning like hell

But the view feels like heaven


Tying my blue tie

Tucking my white shirt in

Signifying summers end



Waking up at 8 am

Tired like a hibernating bear

It’s too early for dance 


Lacing up my cleats

Running down the field 

Finally faster than my brother



On a crisp autumn day 

Nothing better than being with friends

For a quick pick up football game


Thankful for my family and life

And my wonderful school and friends

I still hate turkey.






Walden Writing Prompt #1


Thoreau’s Economy 



A journey through essays


“Perhaps these pages are more particularly addressed to poor students. As for the rest of my readers, they will accept such portions as apply to them.”


Over the years at Fenn, we have read countless books and stories, such as The Odyssey, Call of the Wild, and Moby Dick, but none of those have been as profound as Walden. Walden is a legendary book of essays by Henry David Thoreau, that we have to read in English over the next few weeks. Thoreau was a Concord writer who stayed in a cabin on Walden pond that he built. He stayed there for approximately 2 years, two months and two days. When I was reading this, I felt I was reading something special. While I didn’t feel the profound connection Fitz felt, I understood why this is treasured. Even though I liked this a lot, I have no idea why it’s called economy as it has no connection to economy at all. Throughout my reading of Economy, 2 things stuck out to me: it is better to have to work for your goals instead of being born with them, and that older generations will tell you to do things how they did them but times are changing and so are experiences. 


Quote#1: “Better if they had been born in the open pasture and suckled by a wolf, that they might have seen with clearer eyes what field they were called to labor in.”

Many of us are born with many advantages in life which all add up towards our end goals. However, many of our goals are molded to us by our parents or family, and not discovered by us. Thoreau states that men are better off being born without many advantages, we might have a better chance at surviving and thriving on our own. If we shaped our goals ourselves, we might be able to achieve them better. While I do agree with some of what Thoreau says in this quote, I do believe that sometimes our parents or family helping shape our goals and be really helpful. With me, I want to either be a dancer or work as an imagineer at Disney. I wouldn’t have even thought of those without the influence of my family. I have been a fan of Disney since my mom and dad were big fans, and my sister and my mom have danced all their lives paving the way for me to start dancing when I was five. I wouldn’t be where I am without my family behind me, but I can’t help but imagine what my life would be without them.

 Quote#2 “Practically, the old have no very important advice to give the young, their own experience has been so partial, and their lives have been such miserable failures, for private reasons, as they must believe; and it may be that they have some faith left which belies that experience, and they are only less young than they were.”

Older generations will try and tell us advice and while some of it is helpful, many of it is not. Comments that begin with “when I was your age” are not particularly important to our growth. Even though they have lived longer lives with different experiences, they still try to teach us things from their own life that aren’t relevant today. The older generations are great at giving advice when you ask for it but not exactly when you don’t. For example, my grandpa teaches me to be respectful, and helpful, and be the the type of person to hold the door for other people. I understand how he was very successful from working hard but I don’t really have time to hold a job right now with school and my activities. So when someone tells me that my grandpa had a job when he was my age, I don’t know how to respond. Some comments are better left without response if you don’t know what to say.

Henry David Thoreau’s writing was definitely influential and his words changed how I think about things. When I first heard we were going to read Walden, I was kind of disappointed because I thought it would be long and boring. While I do think it is long, and the readings hard, I believe I can get through it because it is very interesting and profound. Overall, I can’t wait to read much more of the writings of Thoreau.

Pt. 2 of Crows and Swallow poems

Who is this kid in the mirror

Staring back at me

Used to read books

Now I read movie bios

On Netflix

Used to show emotions

Now I act like I don’t care

Used to be obsesssed

with buying into better experiences

Now I’m obsessed

with buying Nike and supreme

Used to talk all things Disney

Now I keep it in

This kid thinks about

all things he is now

But just the negatives

Positively he’s happy

He has a good life

He’s a strong dancer

And his passion for Disney

Is still strong

He hangs with his family and friends

And loves every moment of it

Although he has changed in the mirror

He still is the same mentally and

On the inside


I personally really liked this idea for a poem.  It was a great way to self reflect on things that have changed for the worst and for the better. When I was writing this, I was happy with a lot of the ways u have changed but sad about others.


Untitled Poem

As soon as I walk in

My mood is hightened

A smile is growing on my face

Like a wave growing in the water

Slowly building excitement

Of the Magic in it all

Eating food

Riding rides

Into the night

Music playing in my ear

Happiness growing in my heart

Just like the wave crashing

The excitement must come to an end

But the memories last forever



Without specifically noting what my subject is, it is pretty clear by the 6th line. This poem came straight from my heart as it centers on my favorite experience. I chose to keep it as broad as I could so I could imagine all of my memories in one setting. Overall this has been my favorite poem so far.

Crows and Swallows



Overall the poems are a learning experience. I personally liked 3 of the poems and those really stuck with me. The first one I liked was Too Damn Long. I could connect with it because u have felt that befor I go to bed. I like to think about work I’ve completed and what’s next. It’s a great reflection and a satisfying time. Another one I liked was It Must Be a Fine Line. It made me think of the American dream in that you can do anything and that even though a profession may seem to only work for one type of person, anyone can do it. The final one was Before the Party. This stood out to me this one because it seemed to be a reflection of someone with a good vocabulary. My problem was that it didn’t really go with the title, and I understand the meaning is in the eye of the beholder, but this seemed to drone on. While I thought it was a good poem, it wasn’t my style; however, it still stuck out. 



My poem:



Listening to my favorite artist


Lost in the music

Swimming through bars

Diving into albums 

So many stories

Feels like a perfect sunrise

Keeps getting better

Positivity in check 

Happiness seems in grasp 

Even though sadness

Is still around

It’s drowned out 

Life stands still 

Drifting into paradise

On an inner tube of notes

In a sea of rhythm 

Before the waters drained

And life goes back to normal

A Freshmans Voice

‘‘Twas the beginning of the year 2019 and young Conor was not ecstatic to be returning to academics. Most of his academic classmates had headed out and were leaving the coop to join new flocks at new environments. Conor had began his academic year with a few close friends but by the beginning of the final calendar month, he had found his shipmates, and his trusted comrades. He knew he would have to work harder to do well, but he was up for the challenge. As soon as he walked through the door at the beginning of the academic year he noticed something, he was a leader at his place of learning. He would shows the young longs the ropes and how to row their boat, and then captain their own harder ships. He realized that On the playing field, he was no Ted Williams, but he was a great teammate to stand by. He would  lift himself up by his bootstraps and join the ranks of great 6th men and bench players to encourage other players who may be better. He realized he was now in a position to lead his crew and snatch the whale of learning, and capture the oil of academics for life. Then, he took his first step, into the best year of his life.