Slam Poem on Education in America

Education in America



You’d think it’d be a right in America,

But lack of resources plagues students,

From urban to rural schools,

They don’t have the books,

They don’t have the money,

They don’t have the resources

To give these kids what they deserve,

A quality education.

How can society produce productive workers

If some don’t have the same resources and climate to thrive?

Education is the key to opportunities,

Does America not want their own to succeed?

So rather than greedy government officials

Prioritizing their own money and time over the 

Well-being of others,

They could help and improve the situation that is






If they focused on improving public education resources

We would be living in society

That gives more of a level playing field for everyone.

That creates a positive environment for all learners.

That fosters leaders and innovative thinkers,

That gave back to communities.

There would be no more teacher strikes,

Which has proven to be necessary.

So next time I complain about how much I hate this notebook

Or that textbook

Or that teacher,

I’ll remember there’s thousands

in America alone who would give the world,

To be in the reverse situation,

I’ll remember the thousands,

Held back,

Because of the lack of resources.

We have to be part of a society

That gives everyone a chance.

Group Sonnet

Boston Celtics Sonnet



My friend and I sit and write for English,

We discuss the Celtics loss to the Bucks,

The rising Celtics flame is extinguished,

The Milwaukee Bucks are living in lux.


The Celtics championship dream is crushed,

At least there’re not as bad as the Lakers,

Nevertheless, even though their coach hushed,

Boston needed fixers, they had breakers.


Now, everything is not what it seems,

Boston was supposed to be dominant,

They didn’t have the supporting strong beams,

They were very garbage, not prominent.


So never be too cavalier in life,

Your fans will suffer from a lot of strife.

Sonnet #2

Mother’s Day Sonnet


This weekend, I am thankful for my mom,

She does anything, everything for me,

She follows what they say in the church psalms,

My mom makes me feel infinite great glee.


My Mom makes me food when I am hungry,

And is extremely sweet and kind-hearted,

Though I am equally loved among three,

Her love for me has never departed.


I should be more grateful of my Mother,

She is an amazing, awesome woman,

My Mother is never like another,

Trust me I’m not lying, I’m a true-man.


So this Mother’s Day I thank my Mom much,

She’s my rock when I need it, like a crutch.

Thoreau’s Views & Charity

Thoreau’s take on Philanthropy


There is no odor so bad as that which arises from goodness tainted.

-Henry David Thoreau 


        Many consider philanthropy a great thing.  In the chapter “Economy” from Walden, Henry David Thoreau believes giving to those in need is important, but when people actually participate in philanthropy it is usually out of selfishness and feeling good about themselves, not helping people.  Thoreau argues consciously going out of your way to do something good for another is evil because your intent is really to do good for yourself.  He believes you don’t actually care about that person, you just care about feeling good about yourself.  On page 41 Thoreau rips into the philanthropists who only give to the poor as means of having their conscious cleared.  He knows many people give to charity (back then and present day) for their own personal assurance or happiness.

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Power of Place

        My Place of Peace


You’ll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart.

-George Michael


        Everyone needs a place of peace.  As I sit in the back corner of the Fenn School library, the sound of silence engulfs me.  Relative silence in the library is all I need after a stressful and long day of work.  I need a place to have time to reflect and think about the events of my day.  So often I can swept away by the different aspects of life (schoolwork, grades, extracurriculars, etc.), I need time to settle down.  I was tired, stressed out from an intense day of school work.  I needed a place to gain composure and unwind.  As I looked around, desperate for an escape from school, I instantly thought of the library.  I speed-walked over to my favorite part of the library, the back corner.  I put down my backpack and sat down on the spotted orange-red armchair, right next to the large window.  The isolation and comfort prompted a sense of peace and relief that everything would be okay.  So often I get carried away and stressed out from life.  I put a lot of pressure on myself to have good grades and do well in my classes, so when I don’t do well it creates an unwanted level of stress.  I need a place to reflect about the more important aspects of life.  I need a place to relax and not think about grades.  Everyone has a place to themselves, what’s yours?

Journaling About Place

My Experience Outside


Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

-Albert Einstein


        shield my eyes from the blinding light of the sun.  I don’t come out in the backyard a lot; I have become unfamiliar with it.  The green grass, the oak trees, the dirt-covered hill, all paving the way to memories of the past.  As I sit on the sun-covered bench, contemplating when I should go inside for lunch, it strikes me how disconnected have become with nature.  I used to play outside practically every day, long before other distractions began consuming my life.  As a subtle breeze encompasses my face, memories from playing outside when I was younger flood my mind.  The sheer joy of making snow angels in the freezing, puffy snow, the excitement of dancing in the cool, plentiful rain, the anticipation before diving into a pile of brilliant red and orange colors, on a crisp fall day.  Maybe I should spend more time outdoors, as the memories it makes are endless...

Walden Response #3


Michael Lando

Economy Literary Reflection

Mr. Fitzsimmons’s Class


Questioning Life Decisions


Needs are imposed by nature.  Wants are sold by society.

- Mokokoma Mohonoana

        Sometimes the truth hurts.  In the chapter “Economy” in the book Walden, Henry David Thoreau explores what many feel uncomfortable going near.  Thoreau knows many spend their lives accumulating wealth, only to waste it on something that doesn’t bring happiness.  He criticizes people worry more about their wants their needs.  I completely agree with Thoreau.  If we all lived a little bit like him, we’d all be happier and would be a better community.

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Walden Writing #2

My Second Immpression of Walden


Consider first how slight a shelter is absolutely necessary.

-Henry David Thoreau 


        “Most of the luxuries, and many of the so-called comforts of life, are not only not indispensable, but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind.”  This quote from Henry David Thoreau in the chapter “Economy” in the book Walden, perfectly describes an important facet of life many do not discuss.  Thoreau understands worldly objects are not of major importance, and other things like literature and worldly altruism are of greater magnitude and need in society.  Thoreau argues these worldly objects that are not necesities negativity affect mankind because it unlocks some of the ugliest parts of men — jealousy and greed.  If everyone is focused on other’s possessions, people will always try to one up each other.  Thoreau knew this would result in a never ending cycle of greed, which is detrimental to society.  Additionally, it prevents people from focusing on the most important aspects of life.  Because of this, Thoreau lived a very simple life.  As one of the most influential writers in history, Thoreau knew the ways of the world.  If everyone lived a life more like Thoreau - a life more focused on necessities - it would be beneficial for everyone.

Seasonal Haikus


Fall Poems




I grab the rake and step outside,

The oranges and reds blind me,

I need cider. 


Twenty apples,

Filling the bag to brim,

Ready to be devoured.


Give thanks,

We are so fortunate,

Something that needs to be remembered.


I see the target,

I jump,

Leaves go everywhere.


I enjoyed writing these poems as it stretched me; fall isn’t my favorite season and I don’t find it that enjoyable to write about.  However, in the end it made me a better overall writer who could put his thoughts into words, regardless of the topic.  I used image on image plus twist and the image on image plus cool twist for these poems.

Winter Poems




It entices me,

I’ve just returned from outside,

I’ll add some marshmallows.


One snowball,

One massive snow ball,

Frosty the snowman. 


I rush downstairs,

Filled with excitement,

Gifts under the tree. 


Celtics playing,

Causing sweat out of nerves,

If they lose Christmas won’t feel right.


Writing these poems were truly an enjoyable experience as winter is my favorite season.  In my poems I write about my favorite aspects of this season.  Watching basketball, drinking hot cocoa and playing in the snow and Christmas all make the season enjoyable and special.  I used the image and image plus cool twist.


Spring Poems


Hanging long,

Distributor of food,

A luxury humans don’t have.



Life source of all living things,

Don’t go.



Outside the school,

A large shadow swallows the white building,

Destroying the warmth.


Young tree,

Come back sprouting green,

Our well-beings depend on it. 


I enjoyed writing these poems as spring brings to me a sense of serenity and peace.  I used the image in image plus unexpected twist as well as the image on action plus cool twist.  Although I enjoyed writing about this, I found this season had the least amount of topics or areas to talk about which made the writing process more difficult.  However, in the end it will make us all better writers.


Summer Haikus


The sweet lemonade,

Soothing my parched throat,

On a hot July afternoon. 


I reach for the peach tree,

Holding sweet gems,

Finished in five bites. 


The cold water petrifies me,

But the scorching heat is my downfall, 

Do I jump?


I look into the July night, 

I see Saturns Rings,

Looking right at me.



Writing the summer Haikus are enjoyable because there is so much to write about in the summer.  To illustrate the summer I used the image on image plus unexpected twist, the image on action plus cool twist, and the narrowing and expanding.  The narrowing and expanding technique was my favorite to use because I thought is was cool to write about how interconnected the universe is.  It’s important to write about things like this that otherwise may go unwritten.