A Sinnet fir my Mom


Conor MacLean

We have been together from the start

Day in and day out we spend together 

Over the years we have rarely been apart

I call you my mom, but others call you Heather

You always put me and my siblings first 

You have always been the cool one, cooler than Dad

You are always there for the good, but more importantly for the worst

Always listening and understand, whether we are happy or sad

You have always encouraged us take a chance

You come to almost every single sports game

You may not care about the score, but you are always there for a glance 

Over the years I have learned that we are the same

You always be my mom, but I am also glad you are my friend 

I look forward to the future years we spend

The Rink

... Our Place


Conor MacLean


   We all have a deep love for something.  In order two create memories and develop an genuine love for something, those memories must be created with other people you genuinely enjoy being around. While I enjoy many different aspect of the Fenn campus, it is what Fenn gave that created the everlasting memories. The place where me and some of my best freedoms created these memories was the hockey rink. Getting on the small white or large yellow bus everyday, but Monday was the most exciting part of my day. Once our ride full of mobile video games and incredible music came to end we all hopped of the bus as fast as possible, trying to avoid unloading all of the heavy, stink, and flat gross hockey bags. After that brief moment of intensity ends we all head inside. Walking in to the old, rundown, cold rink was made much better by a warm welcome from Mark Pesce. Not only was the hockey rink where most of our UNDEFEATED took place, it was where the small things in the locker rooms took place. These were the major keys that made this place so special. Whether it was sitting next to Andrew Heinze every game because if we didn’t we would one hundred percent lose, or listening to Cross Me, by NBA Young boy and Lil Baby all of the small memories we created made my experience on the hockey team and at the hockey rink as memorable as it was. At the end of all of this my sports career at Fenn was fun, but for some reason it was never as cool or important as what I thought it would when I was a small sixth grader. Baseball was underwhelming and fall sports have never been my thing, but the hockey season always surpassed my expectations, which is why it my most memorable Fenn experience

My place

Annual Place




    My feet sink deep into the soft, pebble filled sand. As I glance up to see what is making my feet and the sand so hot I see the most beautiful sunset. The orange, red, and yellow mixtures melt my eyes as the large color changing sphere sink right under the glistening ocean, sending the whole entire beach into complete; yet subtle darkness. My Dad calls for me to go upstairs while he sits in a lawn chair, but I say no, I kindly ask him if I can go down to the water and sit for a little. Surprisingly he says yes, so I bolt down to the now completely blacked out water. As  my feet touch the water I think of all the times I take nature for granted. The cold, brisk mornings where all I think about is how the cold it is and how summer needs to come A.S.A.P., but what I don’t think about how the air fresher than ever, or how most states don’t get experience this type of whether. Then I realize I am going through the same thing right now, but I make sure to take in this whole experience. It is not everyday when you are standing alone on the shore of a beach with knees half deep in the water. Which’s want realize is what I must do from now.


What do we Actually Need?


What we Feel we Need.


Conor MacLean


“ I cannot believe that our factory system is the best mode by which men may get clothing.”


       It is tough to deal with the difference of want and need. In English class, we are reading the first chapter of Walden, “Economy” by Henry David Thoreau, and he is arguing with me what I believe is the correct way of life and I think I am losing. Throughout this entire section of “Economy” Thoreau is challenging what we believe are the needs of life; However, Thoreau is challenging it in a extremely unique way. He is challenging not necessarily what we buy, but the quality of what we buy. For example, shelter, we obviously need shelter, but does everybody need their own room and a large living space? This is how Thoreau is trying to send his message towards the reader in this section of “Economy”.       

      This excerpt of “Economy” covers how we have to be aware that we are being manipulated by companies and industries on spending money on unnecessary clothes just to look good and try and impress someone else. He warns us “I say, beware of all enterprises that require new clothes, and not rather a new wearer of clothes.”  At the beginning of reading this part of “Economy” I was against what Thoreau had to say about how we loved our lives incorrectly; however, this quote is what changed my mind and led me to believe Thoreau was correct and we should live our lives more simply. “At present men make shift to wear what they can get. They put on what they can find on the beach, and at a little distance... Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.” Not only does this quote exemplify what is like to live simply, and passionately, it shows how if you focus your time and dedication on what actually matters, like work and school you will live a productive life. Along with what Thoreau said, if people work hard and spend their time working they will make and save more money because they won’t be distracted by the outside world. Another method to keep yourself safe from the outside world is shelter. In the next chapter of “Economy” Thoreau  continue his theme of living simply and getting a better bang for your buck. “The very simplicity and nakedness of man's life in the primitive ages imply this advantage, at least, that they left him still but a sojourner in nature.” When people live simply they find themselves enjoying their life more and not being constantly stressed about paying for things that don’t necessarily matter.

       Once I began reading the chapter of Economy I did not agree with anything Thoreau had to say. However, as I continued reading  Thoreau made solid and convincing point that gradually shifted my thoughts to agree with him. One point that convinced me “In the long run men hit only what they aim at. Therefore, though they should fail immediately, they had better aim at something high.” This convinced me because it meticulously showed how men get this goal in their minds that they believe they need to have, but in the end we are just being a little greedy.

      Having to accept the fact that we all greedy in some aspects of life is hard, yet being able to score the truth is much better than denying what you are afraid to accept.







Conor MacLean

      In life we all search for items we believe we need, like school store snack, a new hockey stick, or even a cool black sweatshirt just because it is winter time. What we don’t do is appreciate the big things that we believe are just given to us. For example family, tons of families around the United States are not stable, or don’t have a good life. Since most of us Fenn are very fortunate we take our families and the time we spend with them for granted. However, at the end of the day all we need is our families and to appreciate that we have them. Our families give us thing that no money can buy, they give us a comfortable place to be around, a safe environment, and most importantly love. These three things that they give us every day are necessities to living a happy and fun filled life. Along with a happy life our families also teach us how to create our own family and build a happy, fin filled life for the families we will have all the way down the road. 




Conor MacLean

Branches sit still
Leaves on the dewy grass,
Fall has started in Mass.

Wind picks up, fast
The small blue house cracks and shakes
It is no longer time for a clam bake.

I head outside to rake
Leaves intimidate and toy with me,
Blowing wherever the feel they want.

The most average season
All of it is coming to end,
However I want to fend from the snow.

Metacognition: The first season of fall kicks off the school year so I was inspired to emphasize how average of a season it is through the techniques. I mainly used image on image for these four haikus, but I tried to put in a twist for every single poem.

The snow slowly sprinkles
Like jimmies on a large pistachio Ice Cream,
Yet the snow make me want to scream.

It is like a avalanche of powder
The more and more the snow come down
I want to scream, even louder.

Mother Nature takes a break
I can now rest instead of a distant wake
I still can see past, all the snow on my grass.

The snow fall picks up;
However, I am mesmerized I must look up
I look close into the snow and see my pup.

Metacognition: This is my least favorite season by far because snow ruin everything. It delays the start of baseball closes roads and it simply just annoying. Due to this I used image on action with a twist for every poem to show the read I disliked this season heavily.

The pollen and flowers are here
My dad is already in the porch, drinking a beer
The snow is gone, I have zero fear

I walk outside and can’t stop sneezing
The part about spring we all forget about
The wheezing, sneezing, and wiping of the red eye

With spring comes my best sport
All I want to do is play baseball
It is fun in fall, but in spring it is a different thing

Spring is ending, but no cares
The purple flowers are still here,
but all the allergies are not.

Metacognition: This one was tough to right about since spring and I have a love hate relationship. It is great socially and athletically, but physically it tears me apart.

The best season of all for many reasons
There is no school to worry about
No work to stress on, just relaxation.

The sun blazes down I sit in a chair
Not a cloud in the sky, this isn’t fair
The wind blows by and makes lay back even farther.

The green grass sits still
I fill up my glass of water, drink it
And now I am dashing into the water.

I sit in the car, nothing but sad
Twenty four hours from now I’ll be driving to school,
With my DAD!

Metacognition: This was easy for me to write about because my love for summer just poured out into the paper. In terms of the techniques I thought I did well applying all three of them to this genre of haiku.




Conor MacLean



     I sit at the the round table in the middle of fitz room not know whether or not to appreciate reading a classic like economic not, or to just be annoyed that I am reading a complicated book, again. However unlike most I choose the higher road a decide I will pick apart this reading and try to enjoy as much as possible, but that is not how it went. In fact, Henry David Thoreau picked me apart, I was left nothing but confused. While Thoreaus writing was complex and beautiful it was complex, which made my reading not so enjoyable. After I finished my first time reading Economy I decided in order to event write about the story I would have to reading again. “Unfortunately, I am confined to this by the narrowness of my experience.” This quote that Thoreau writers supports my troubles with understanding the book. If I had read more, or any Thoreau before this I would be much better at understanding his style of writing. Although his writing was hard to understand I did takeaway two major lessons I learned reading Economy. The first lesson I learned through reading this story was if you are confused at first keep working and trying understand what you are struggling with, while you might not understand all of it you will still learn more. The second takeaway is if you read stories from a great writer you will notice stuff that is in your everyday life, but you never notice. Noticing these thing like the difference in generation can allow you to explore what other people think about you.



     “One generation abandons the enterprises of another like stranded vessels.” Once the older generation has finished paving the way for the younger generation they feel as if their job is done. While I don’t agree the older generation should do this, I believe it is human nature to do this. For example we worked extremely hard for the first to term of school to do well, so we can get accepted into or secondary schools and once the third term hit we feel as though our time at Fenn is done. However, it is not we must keep learning, although we are he wisest of the young; we must keep teaching the younger boys who who to learn from us. That is what I feel the older generation should continue to so when tempted to just sit back and watch. “Old deeds for old people, and new deeds for new. … One may almost doubt if the wisest man has learned anything of absolute value by living.” This makes me question is the older generation the wiser one or did they sit back to early and miss out on the lessons thus could have taught the ones rising up ready to learn.



   “No way of thinking or doing, however ancient, can be trusted without proof.” Walking into class tomorrow and saying I read Economy to Fitz California update have been the easiest lie I ever told, if I did not have to write anything. Since we did we had to show what we learned from the reading through this essay we had to live up to both similar, yet separately interesting quotes. “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation.” I believe both of these quote relate to what I said about when you are struggling keep trying to understand even just one thing from the reading you struggled to understand. ThT is why I think all Hess quotes tie together and teach an overarching lesson that anyone can apply to the rest of their daily lives.



       In essence, I learned a lot from Thoreau; I learned how to stay dedicated, think philosophically about other generations, and how to write in a completely new and interesting style. This is why I believe we should all branch out of our comfort zones and read something we are not comfortable reading.


Three poems

Poem 1

I wake up early 

Then walk outside it is bright

But I go back in


However I amend

Walk back outside and enjoy

I Made a good choice


Poem 2


Staring right through his dark hazel eyes

Looking not just at him, but through him

He sees the kids always wearing that gray

rundown sweatshirt

Looking nothing another kid not wanting to got to school


Poem 3


I run down the stairs

It is a big day for me

All the presents sit


The best day of all

Opening all the presents 

The gift paper falls


Gifts all fall, so many

I look down, frown all over

My Christmas, over