One minute

I want to go so bad

Even thought my years have been totally rad

Spent a couple years with my greatest lads

Some that I call my commrades

We even went through all the fads

But in the end I will be so glad

When I go I won’t even be sad

But in 2019 I will be a grad

video class was a very boring class but in the the end we made an ad

Even though the 9th grade got all the teachers mad

In math class we even learned how to add

Last week on one of the gloomiest days of the year people brought their granddads

I won’t miss this place not even in the slightest not even a tad

Spring Sonnet





A)The flowers are back, new pedals start to form
B) Baseball, lacrosse, outside sports start to spring 

A)the kids are starting to run track

B) The dining hall bell starts to ring loudly

C)  Can’t wait to get outside and play spike ball
D)Everything is coming to an end now
C)Everyone starts to become tall
D)can’t wait to not plough through homework now

E)it’s almost graduation very soon
F)there is a lot of pollen in the air
E)as these kids start to stare willing to dare
F) siting in a blue chair

G)As the graduating class walks on stage   

G) Our final year at Fenn comes to an end 

Power of Place #2

Seizing The Moment


The price of greatness is responsibility.” 

~ Winston Churchill


A perfect place for growing boys.Fenn is a great place to forget about what’s going on in the world. I have been at this school for six years and it has been the best time of my life considering I have been here for about 40% of my life. But It was the 3 couple of times I went into school early that I really realized what Fenn is about. I had to come into school everyday early every morning the whole week to practice my senior reflection with Mr.Smith. It was a sunny day after the 4 day long weekend in the middle of April I had been working on my senior reflection all weekend long and it was finally that day. Where I had to present in front of the whole school. When I came up to the stage I was immediately nervous and shaking but my nerves started to flare up in the beginning. But as I started to get into my groove as I did memorize the piece my nerves started to cool down. This has to be one of my best moments at Fenn and one of my most nerve racking times of my life.This is all what it’s about. This is what Fenn is about seizing the moment when your nervous. But all with the help of teachers, without teachers there aren’t students. Although I was forced to do this, although it was nervous the whole time. I enjoyed it. This is what a Fenn boy is all about, doing what he’s supposed to do. This is why Fenn is the best school.


It was a gloomy, muggy day in Framingham, Massachusetts random puddles everywhere and wet and dry spots all over the ground. It was only me and the iron rim and plastic backboard that stood in me between fun. I walked outside to go play on the rusty old hoop that I haven’t shot a ball on since last summer. I picked up the old damp basketball that hasn’t been touched in about three and a half months. And started dribbling The sun is peeking through the clouds. I’m realizing how great the outdoors are in comparison to watching T.V and playing video games during the weekend. We live in an age where technology takes over i lives and we have no control over it because it’s addicting. Nowadays parents are force kids to go outside when before parents were forcing kids to come inside. I never really thought of going outside and walking around during the weekends because I am usually sucked into my video games but this was a new change of scenery.

Walden Writing Prompt

Shelter & Clothes

”All good things are wild, and free.”

-Henry David Thoreau






Is less really more? “Consider first how slight a shelter is absolutely necessaryThoreau believes that a meaningful life is the one with the least possession; however  you can get by with the bare necessities but life would be much easier with aiming above the basics.


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Once again this post didn’t make sense at first. But after further review and after reading it a second time it made much more sense. The “Clothes” story didn’t make that much sense. I had no idea what Thoreau meant by “On the whole, I think that it cannot be maintained that dressing has in this or any country risen to the dignity of an art.” This made made no sense to me but I will ask Fitz in class what this meant. Thoreau takes his reader on a small adventure every chapter. Thoreau also has a way of turning a somewhat interesting/ boring story into a wild adventure by using an abundance amount of adjectives. In the shelter chapter I think it starts if with a nice sentence “Consider first how slight a shelter is absolutely necessary.” This is a great first sentence that introduces the theme to the chapter.



Very sunny day

So hot like I’m melting 

So hot like lava


Searching for sunshine

The bird whistles in the tree

So today begins


Smell of salt water

White sand hot under my feet

A gleamin, pink shell


Wet drop from above

Humming with the summer buzz

Your AC is on



On a frozen twig

The little bird dreams of spring

Oh! To see the sun!


Warm sun on the ground

A flower growing stronger

Life under the sun


Life awakening 

Flower opens in the sun

A world is reborn


As the blue birds sing

I am dreaming about spring 

I feel so happy



In winter it’s cold

Outside there are icicles

It’s snowing outside


Winter is very cold

It is icy and frosty

There is also snow


Everything changes 

Summer gives way to winter

Nothing ever lasts


Days getting longer 

But the snow keeps on coming down

No where to put it



Scraped soft, ice shavings

Alight on windshield wipers

Stuck to a black car


Every few seconds

A leaf catches light falling

Onto our dirt path


Orange and yellow

Leaves brighten fallen piles

Grown dark in decay


As the blue birds sing

I am dreaming about spring 

I feel so happy







Second Times The Charm


I think one of the major takeaways from reading this are the way Thoreau puts life into prospective this really opened up my eyes as a reader. The first time around trying to read Thoreau it was hard to understand but, in the end when I read it a second time it was way easier to understand. I don’t think that it’s weird that he lived in a cabin all by himself I think it’s odder that he did it to get away from civilization. The takeaways about Thoreau that I got are these. One of the takeaways I got is that he had a different outlook on life from everyone else. I think another big takeaway from his is that he thinks that if people don’t think like him are missing the real value of life. “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation”

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Three Poems

Early morning rides
Doing my homework
Gray and blue colored skies
Looking for what’s going on in the world
Huh? Instagram? I might give it a twirl

This homework seems stressful
Ahh its unsuccessful
Might take a break
Just after a few more takes

Who is this kid in the mirror
Dark black hair
With nothing to spare
5 foot 7
Eyes look like heaven

In the middle of the road
Oh look over there I see a load of toads
Mr.Duane holding them one by one
OOH in that bucket there is a ton

Early Morning Rides

Doing my homework

Gray and blue colored skies

Looking for what’s going on in the world

Huh? Instagram? I might give it a twirl


This homework seems stressful

Ahh its unsuccessful

Might take a break

Just after a few more takes